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Questions You May Have

Q1: Why should I join the SAI?
The Sociological Association of Ireland (SAI) is the professional association for sociologists researching and studying Irish society as well as sociologists working in Ireland and abroad who have an interest in Irish society. The SAI seeks to represent the interests of sociology in Ireland, making submissions on behalf of its membership to such bodies as the Foresight in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Excerise and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment. The Association also publishes a two issue volume of the Irish Journal of Sociology every year. The IJS is published by Manchester University Press and disseminated electronically by EBSCO. The SAI hosts an annual conference which rotates around the provinces of Ireland. The annual conferences are important fora to keep informed about research conducted by sociologists working in Ireland (and by sociologists writing about Ireland). In addition, the SAI’s annual conference incorpoates a schedule of social events which allow sociologists to meet and mix on a more informal basis. The Association seeks to facilitate a higher profile for the work of sociologists, particularly social researchers. Past conferences have attracted coverage in both broadcast and print media, and have resulted in follow up media interviews for participating sociologists. The SAI also maintain’s a media bank and is a point of contact for media professionals seeking sociological expertise. The Association’s website (including a member’s only area) and mailing lists are an invaluable source of information for sociologists seeking to keep current with upcoming events, calls for papers and vacancies.Read more...
Q3: How much does it cost to join the SAI?
Individual membership rates for 2014 are:
€ full members
€ student members
Organisations can also apply for institutional membership at the rate of €. For further information on institutional membership please see the relevant link from the main menu.
Q4: When was the SAI founded?
The SAI was established in 1973.
Q5: How do I communicate a change of address to the SAI?
You can change your address through the ‘My Account’ page located in the Members Section of the website.
Q6: What do I do if I don`t receive an issue of the journal?
If you do not receive an issue of the journal please contact the SAI administrator at, including information on the last issue received and any changes to your postal address.
Q7: When is the SAI`s annual conference?
The SAI’s annual conferences are generally held in May of each year. In 2009, the annual conference will be held in Waterford Insitute of Tecnology from May 8th to 10th.Click here for further.
Q8: When is the SAI`s postgraduate conference?
The SAI’s postgraduate conferences are generally held in November of each year. The 2008 conference was held in Trinity College Dublin.Click here for further information.
Q9: What is the status of the SAI?
The SAI was incorporated as a company limited by guarentee with no share capital in 2008.
Q10: How do I obtain a password for the members only area of the SAI website?
Please type your e-mail address into the box below ’Forgot your password?’ Click ’Get Password’. Your password will be sent to your e-mail address.
Q11: What do I do if I forget my username or password for the members only area of the SAI website?
Please type your e-mail address into the box below ’Forgot your password?’ Click ’Get Password’. Your password will be sent to your e-mail address.
Q12: How do I contact the SAI?
The SAI’s administrator, Aifric O’Grada, can be contacted 021-4903756 or, between the following hours:
Monday 9am-2pm
Wednesday 9am-11am
Friday 9am-2pm
Q13: How do I contact the SAI by post?
The SAI can be contacted by post following the link below.Click here for contact details.
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